Thursday, April 3, 2008

Legend of Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl

The legend tells so long time ago, when the Aztecs arrived to the Anahuac valley and mountains don’t have a defined form, there was born in the Great City Tenochtitlán a beautiful princess named Mixtli, only daughter of Tizoc, the "Tlatoani" (Great Lord) of the Mexicas. Many men wanted to married her and like them there was Axooxco, a bloody cruel lord who claims her; but the love of the princess belongs to a young poor warrior named Popoca.
To gain the right to dispute the hand of the princess against Axooxco, Popoca goes on war campaign to win the highest title for an Aztec warrior: the "Eagle knight", this was a distinguished military class reserved only to the most noble and brave warriors of the empire.
But many days and months pass without news and Mixtli died of sadness thinking her true love died on the battlefield, without the knowledge Popoca finally returned victorious.
He took the body of her princess and goes to the mountain thinking she was only sleeping and maybe the snow could awakes her; he made a bonfire and he stayed aside on her feet waiting the moment to be rejoined again and this time forever. An eternal wait…
But the story no ends here…
Even if their bodies are gone, today you can still see them, if someday you visit the cities of México and Puebla State, watch the horizon and you can see two beautiful volcanoes one near each the other: The "Iztaccíhuatl" (sleeping woman) and the "Popocatépetl" (Smoking Mountain).
Many centuries have past since then and the lovers stay there together… and forever.